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Unique Rosary Designs ~ Prayer Art

Rosaries and Prayer Beads
by Demetrius

unique rosary beads

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unique rosary beads

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Unique Rosaries, Unique Chaplets, Skull Bead Rosaries
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Prayers for the Rosary

"The Lord's Prayer"

Our Father, Who Art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom Come. Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive those who tress pass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.


"Hail Mary"
    Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus Holy Mary,  Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.  Amen.

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The miraculous medal used on many of my rosaries is the medal of the Immaculate Conception, commonly know as the Miraculous medal and is a cherished  Catholic devotion

The Blessed Mother Mary manifested the medal to Sister (now Saint) Catherine Laboure in 1830 and asked her to have the medal struck. Since then many millions of the medal have been used by Catholics around the world. Countless miracles have been attributed to the medal








Unique Rosaries ~ Stunning Collection of Truly Unique One of a Kind Rosaries. We search far and wide to bring you  some of the most beautiful Hand Picked Beads , combined with beautifully detailed Crucifix and Center Pieces. Carefully and lovingly assembled by hand in the City by the Bay ,  San Francisco

Never under estimate the Power of the Rosary

The first Hail Mary was brought to earth by Angel Gabriel to Mary. Paul VI called the Rosary "a compendium of the Gospel." Pio called the Rosary, "his weapon." At Fatima, Mary identified herself as, "I am the Lady of the Rosary", and continued "I have come to warn the faithful to amend  their lives and to ask pardon for their sins. They must not offend our Lord anymore, for he is already grievously offended by the sins of men. People must say the rosary. Let them continue saying it everyday"

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 Thanksgiving Blessing Rosary
Thanksgiving Blessing

For this rosary, we used for the Ave Maria's cloudy and richly colored carnelian round beads 8 mm in size which are the size of a plump green pea.
carnelian and agate rosary beads
The Pater or Our Father beads are faceted multi colored natural agate flat oval 16x12x6mm and very pleasing to the touch. The Gothic crucifix is vintage Latin American 2 in. x 1 1/2 in. 
Brass crucifix and center

 The three beads at each end symbolize the Blessed Trinity.  The Eucharist, Bread of Heaven, center is 1 inch and like the crucifix are both bronze with a great patina. I have also added a small miraculous medal. Brass rondells 3mm and brass tube beads 8x3mm finish this rosary. Length 19 inches
Comes beautifully gift boxed

$110 SOLD

Rose Cherry Quartz with
Carved Bone Bead Rosary
Rose Quartz Rosary

 Cherry quartz- 8mm rounds and interceded with 4mm cherry quartz are beautiful in appearance and used for the Ave Maria prayer beads. Paters are very lightly antiqued 10mm carved bone with flower design. They are double capped with bronze 8mm spacers
Tiny gray/lilac glass seed beads are placed between the Ave 8mm and 4mm cherry beads.
Bronze Crucifix, Rose quartz rosary beads
The Crucifix is bronze 1 3/4 in. with a very feminine design.  The center matches the Edwardian crucifix
Comes beautifully gift boxed
 $115 SOLD
Spring Time Rosary

Springtime Prayer R
Gorgeous and Unique Rosary Design 

Brass bead square tube 8x3. Brass bread Rondelle 3mm. Paters  Mother of pearl chips. Center :  2 doves in bronze is ¾ inch wide. Crucifix: is beautiful openwork 2 ¼” with bail and is also bronze.

Bronze openwork crucifix and dove center
 Ave Maria beads: are lovely green aventurine rounds of 8mm in size and are spaced by green 4mm bead
s. A tiny miraculous medal adorns the dove and the dove center. The center of two turtle doves symbolize the offering of two doves by the Holy Family when they visited the temple and presented unto Simeon along with the babe Jesus.

For the Pater-Our Father prayers
 I have chosen antiqued stick beads, which can bring to mind the passion of Jesus made to endure the cruel  wearing of the crown of thorns.. Oh my Jesus how you suffered for our sins and for our salvation. Length 21 1/2 inches. Come beautifully gift boxed

 $110 SALE $60

 Ethiopian Rosary with carnelian beads

Ethiopian Rosary

The Carnelian Rondelle beads are 10mm and have a wonderful feel in the hand to pray with. Spaced between 3mm old brash Heishi beads embracing 4mm reddish glass beads.
The beautiful cross: recast of an antique Coptic Ethiopian and is 2 ¼” with bail.

The center used is a beautiful  and richly detailed Eucharist medal 1 inch and bronze. Here I added a tiny miraculous medal for you.
The Paters used are these wonderful golden tube beads made of horn. Center used is a beautiful and richly detailed Eucharist medal made of bronze
. Length 25 inchesThis is a large and lengthy rosary. Comes beautifully gift boxed

$200 SALE $165

 Moss Agate Rosary
Moss Agate Rosary Beads
Ireland is said to have 40 shades of green,
 these Agate beads are one of them.
Just like the moss color
rich deep dark lush color of moss growing in the shade. This rosary I give you six of those forty shades. The beads are 8mm rounds of high gloss with a lovely cool touch to them. They are interspaced with 3mm moss agate which enhances the over all beauty of this rosary.
The Pater Noster (our father) beads are NATURAL carved bone with a flower motif. They are double-capped.
The center is Our Lady of Grace, bronze
bronze French filigree crucifix
 The crucifix is bronze French filigree 2 inches
This Rosary is 20 inches
  Comes beautifully gift boxed      

$115 SALE $60

Out of Africa Rosary

This rosary is Large and Lively. The feelings you will experience praying and meditating on the mysteries while using any of my
"NATURAL SEMI-PRECIOUS STONE ROSARY'S" talk to the heart if you quietly and gently listen
These are call Bloodstone, they are multi-colored
and lush. Earthy tones which are quite appealing in appearance when used in a mix.
The Pater Nostor beads are Natural burnt horn.
Ave Maria  beads are 10mm
Center. One of our favorite's  the very beautiful
Eucharist Medal Brass Coptic Cross Out of Africa Center
Eucharistic medal is solid bronze  measures 1 in x 1 in
and is a re-cast of an antique showing both wheat and grapes.
The cross, I have only a few left, and when they're gone
they're gone. It is quite substantial and nice weight to it and of course beautiful.
This Rosary measures 27 1/2 inches
Comes beautifully gift boxed

$140 SALE $75


Lady of Guadalupe Prayer Beads

Lady of Guadalupe Prayer Beads

In honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I made this gorgeous rosary. Using machine to create this “Diamond cut” pattern on rondelle crystal beads I found here in San Francisco’s Chinatowns favorite crystal shop.

Our Lady gave red roses in December to St. Juan Diego. For the Pator Noster, Our Father prayers, are beautiful glass lamp work Roses. They are resting on top of 2 emerald green crystal beads. The fragrance of the flowers lingers on the hand of the bestower. Set between the Ave’s, I chose to use 4 mm Swarovski bicone beads adding another layer of elegant beauty

Crystal Bead and  Rosebud Rosary, Tribute to Our Lady of Guadalupe Rosebud Rosary

A large extraordinary Trinity forms the centerpiece which depicts Our Lady of Guadalupe and is hand cast sterling silver. It is 1 ½ inches tall. The Crucifix is 2 inches and is also sterling silver. Comes beautifully gift boxed and includes a silk pouch from China

$240  SALE $190


Lavender Jade Rosary

This beautiful Rosary speaks for itself. The much sought after lavender Jade from China , made with the finest and well matched stones I could find in Chinatowns many bead, crystal and fresh water pearl shops here in San Francisco.Lavender Jade Bead Rosary

The lavender jade 9mm rounds are used for the Ave’s Hail Mary beads. For the Our Father, The Lords Prayer, I chose to use Peridot colored 10 mm crystal faceted beads which are centered between 2 smaller 6 mm Peridot crystals which are regarded worldwide as the finest  crystal available as they produce a brilliant sparkle ranking them as number 1

Pink opal bicone are also Swarovski used as spacers between the Ave’s.

The beautiful crucifix is from France and dates to the 1920s. It is sterling silver and is 2 inches tall. The center is a perfect match and is also sterling silver.

lavender jade Rosary crucifix close up

You will cherish this beautiful rosary which is couture forever. It is built to last and is made with 49 strands of piled steel encased in a clear nylon casing with a test strength of 28 lbs. Each end is double crimped for assured security. Comes beautifully gift boxed and includes a silk pouch from China

Truly a Heirloom Quality Rosary

$260 SOLD
Pink Jade Rosary

While perusing one of the many downtown Chinatown cultured pearl and crystal shops, I hand picked these stunning Pink Jade beads nearly matching each one. They are 9 mm round in a lovely soft pink, using them for the Ave Hail Mary beads. Between them , I chose 4 mm peridot  colored Swarovski faceted bicones.
The Pater Noster Our Father 's are said on one 10 mm and set on either side , a pair of 6 mm faceted  round Provincial Lavender Swarovski crystals which are highly regarded as the finest crystal world wide and known for their amazing brilliance

The beautiful crucifix is from France and dates to the 1920's. It is sterling silver and is 2 inches tall. The center is a perfect match and it too is sterling silver
Pink Jade Rosary Beads

You will cherish this beautiful rosary which is couture forever. It is built to last and is made with 49 strands of piled steel encased in a clear nylon casing with a test strength of 28 lbs. Each end is double crimped for assured security. Comes beautifully gift boxed and includes a silk pouch from China

Truly a Heirloom Quality Rosary

$260 SOLD

Fresh Water Pearl and Pink Jade Rosary

Beautiful 8 mm Fresh water cultured Pearls from China are used here for your Hail Mary Prayers. They are enhanced by faceted clear crystal beads as spacers between the pearls.
Pearl and Pink Jade Rosary
Fine Pink Jade 9 mm rounds from China are beautifully enhanced with rhinestone channels set in gold tone square rondells which are then capped with black glass squares
Our Lady of Grace centerpiece has the Ave Maria symbol at the intersecting initials A and M with an image of Our Lady in the Center
A well matched Crucifix , 2 inches tall completes this rosary. Comes beautifully gift boxed and includes a silk pouch from China

$132 SOLD
 Pearl Rosary Beads

Pearl Rosary
Shell pearls 8 mm in size are used for the hail Mary beads which are spaced apart from one another by rice shaped fresh water pearls from China
The Our father pearls are double capped with black glass squares from the Czech Republic.
Our Lady of Grace initials A and M make the center a beautiful addition to this lovely rosary that is finished off with a well matched 2 inch sterling silver Crucifix. Comes beautifully gift boxed and includes a silk pouch from China

$120 SALE  $65
Petite Lady of Grace Rosary

This beautiful petite rosary has it all  ~ sterling silver, silver plate and pewter beads make it interesting and unique
For the Aves , I used small 1/4 inch Pewter Our Lady of Grace beads. They are spaced  with deep blue glass spacers
The Our Fathers Prayer beads are Swarovski Capri Colored faceted 6 mm rounds
Lady of Grace Pewter Rosary Beads
A sacred heart 1/2 inch center is used and is charmed with a small Our lady of Grace miraculous medal attached to the side
Crucifix is 1 1/2 inches tall
This would be a wonderful rosary for a child. Comes beautifully gift boxed

$85 SOLD
Turquoise and Red Coral Rosary

Turquoise and Red Coral Rosary
Turquoise rondells, red coral and sterling silver are the components for this lovely rosary
The Center is a 3.4 inch beautiful sterling silver miraculous medal of Our Lady of Grace and is finished with a beautiful 2 inch Crucifix
This rosary has a lovely and unique feel in your hand and while not cumbersome , does have a nice weight to it
Comes beautifully gift boxed
tube red coral and sterling sivler crucifix

$140 SALE $95
 Yellow Glass Flower Rosary

 Glass Lampwork  yellow flowers beads  are used for the Pater Noster Our Father prayers. Sapphire faceted fine polished glass 6 x 8 rondells are used for the Hail Mary beads which are spaced with silver and silver lined glass seed beads
yellow flower rosary crucifix close up
Sacred heart center is 1/2 inch and is further enhanced with a small Our lady of Grace miraculous medal.
The Sterling silver crucifix is 2 inches tall
yellow flower rosary
Truly unique and lovely rosary
Comes beautifully gift boxed

$156 SALE $80

Black Onyx Tuxedo Rosary Prayer Beads

8 mm rounds serve as the Ave Hail Marys beads. Sterling silver 10 x 8 open cut saucer Our Father beads are spaced using black glass and silver lined seed beads. The caps are black glass squares from the Czech Republic
Black onyx prayer beeads
Center piece is a sacred heart 1/2 inch with a small our Lady of Grace medal finished with  a black lacquered 2 1/4 inch Crucifix, stamped on back ~ Italy.
Italian Crucifix
This rosary is as elegant as a Valentino  tuxedo

$160 SOLD

Arizona Remembered Rosary Prayer Beads

Turquoise and Red Coral and of course , Sterling Silver come together nicely to make this lively rosary. The Lords prayer is said on sterling silver 10 mm cut out metal beads. The Ave Hail Mary's on beautiful smooth to the touch 8 mm round perfectly matched turquoise spaced by small round red coral beads.
Arizona Rosary Turquoise and Red Coral round bead rosary
The center is a sterling silver our Lady of Grace miraculous medal  finished with a stunning Mission Crucifix that is 2 1/8  ( 5.2 cm) that has a standard metal finish

arizona rosary , close turquoise and crucifix

Absolutely beautiful!

$148 SALE $85

From Down Under

Australian semi-precious green opal gem stone Rosary

Made with it's uniform style and steady rhythm, these 9 x 8 rondell beads give this beautiful rosary a very natural and earthy look and a very pleasant feel to the touch
Between the opal beads, I used tiny yellow jasper beads and two brown  glass beads
For the Center, I used a framed Mary on one side and a Sacred heart on the reverse from Europe early 20th century, .75 inch in solid bronze with a great deal of texture
The Crucifix is Gothic and an all time favorite, very sturdy, very beautiful. Take note of the  three dots on the arms. They represent the Blessed Trinity. Also hung form the Crucifix, I added a small Lady of Grace Medal

$183 SALE $110


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